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Office of the Repealer to Help Curb Paperwork for Tennessee Businesses

February 14, 2013

Tennessee officials say they would like to see state law become more like it was 130 years ago, when the entire Tennessee Code could fit in a single book. Republican legislators have announced plans for a position they call the “Office of the Repealer” to do just that.

Senator Jack Johnson of Franklin says there are too many burdensome state laws, like one that prohibits more than 25 balloons from being released at one time. However, Johnson’s focus is less on the peculiar and more on the areas he sees as unnecessary red tape for businesses.

“I know I’ve come across things that I’ve just had to kind of scratch my head and wonder, why do we do this? And sometimes there’s a good answer, sometimes there’s not. And that’s the kind of conversation we want to have with the job creators of Tennessee.”

Under the proposal, the Secretary of State would appoint the director of the “Office of the Repealer.” Ultimately, recommendations for repeal would have to be approved by the General Assembly.